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I am a silversmith working out of my home studio in Eugene, Oregon. I have spent most of my adult life supporting myself through various creative pursuits: owning a glass forming business for the lighting and design industry in San Francisco, while simultaneously designing and producing for my own high end fashion accessory business in San Francisco, followed by a 10 year period where I focused on painting and ceramic sculpture.

Upon moving to Oregon in 2005 with my husband and cat I felt the need to reinvent my life in our new home. I took a year to figure out what I wanted to do for my next art career and was drawn to work in metal as it had been my college major. I still had a few rudimentary jewelry tools that moved with me each time I relocated to a new studio.

To pursue this new career I studied videos and books and refreshed my skills at a local college. I kept increasing my skill set and refining my process and designs.

At present I work with a variety of materials: sterling, copper, bronze and brass along with semi-precious stones, beach and river rocks, polymer and enamels. My design sense is quite eclectic and my customers often exclaim how much they appreciate the variety of designs available during my show season.

In the Spring of 2014 I hired my neighbor Ed to build a studio for me in our backyard. I worked alongside him for 3 months building the vision I had worked out on paper on nights when I couldn’t sleep. I was finally able to move into this space and make as much noise as I wanted hammering away at any hour of the day or night! It’s such a joy to have a dedicated space to work. I am surrounded by my fruit trees, vegetable garden and chickens. It is a delightful space in which to create!

I love what I do and I hope that you enjoy my work. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have.


My studio built in 2014 by my neighbor Ed!

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At the bench


In my happy place!